J.J. Abrams + Star Wars??!!

    I really, really hope the news about J.J. Abrams directing the new Star Wars movie is true. 

    It seems like all the articles out there are citing the same anonymous source with no quotes from him, but I hope. I hope, I hope. He would’ve been my first choice all along, but I just didn’t see it happening because of Star Trek. After Star Trek came out in 2009, I kept saying “Can you imagine how much better the Star Wars prequels could have been if Abrams had been around to direct them?” (Well, CAN YOU?)

    Of course, it’s possible that the “source” who called it “a done deal” did so with the intention of initating a media freakout over the news, just so Abrams would feel too inspired/awkward to back out after seeing everyone’s excited reactions…in which case, let the record show that THIS IS YET ANOTHER POST OF EXCITEMENT. INTERNET, HEAR ME.

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    "It’s underneath what’s going on. It’s the criminals and the gangs. The guys who are running Wall Street, basically… They take place between Episode III and Episode IV. That 20 year period when Luke is growing up. It’s not about Luke, but it’s about that period when the Empire is trying to take things [over]."

    Rick McCallum in an interview with IGN on his potential live-action Star Wars series, under the working title “Star Wars: Underworld.”

    This is actually the first I’ve heard of this idea, but that premise makes it sound genuinely cool. Of course, lots of other factors would come into play (plot and characters, perhaps?), and the series might still be a few years away from production. Still, I think this is definitely news worth following. 

    Via, where you can watch a video of the full interview. 

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    "We’re back and regrouping and kicking around some ideas. I think we just need to come up with a really good story and see where that leads us."

    Lauren Shuler Donner, X-Men: First Class producer, regarding the status of a potential sequel

    Read the interview here and another related interview here


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    "I’m talking to them about doing ‘Iron Man 3’ right now, and somebody’s going ‘Maybe Agent Coulson should die,’ and I’m like, ‘Hey, hey, hey! This is the best job I’ve ever had! Stop talking about killing Agent Coulson off.’"

    Clark Gregg, regarding recent rumors that Agent Coulson might die in The Avengers.

    Read the rest of his very enthusiastic and TGO interview at

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