"It’s underneath what’s going on. It’s the criminals and the gangs. The guys who are running Wall Street, basically… They take place between Episode III and Episode IV. That 20 year period when Luke is growing up. It’s not about Luke, but it’s about that period when the Empire is trying to take things [over]."

    Rick McCallum in an interview with IGN on his potential live-action Star Wars series, under the working title “Star Wars: Underworld.”

    This is actually the first I’ve heard of this idea, but that premise makes it sound genuinely cool. Of course, lots of other factors would come into play (plot and characters, perhaps?), and the series might still be a few years away from production. Still, I think this is definitely news worth following. 

    Via, where you can watch a video of the full interview. 

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    You may have noticed that I’ve been lacking in frequency of posts lately. This is for a few reasons, not the least of which is that there just hasn’t been much exciting nerd news lately. I don’t want to post about stuff that I’m not genuinely excited about.

    The OTHER reason is that I’ve been distracted by geeking the hell out over a new TV show: Revenge. It’s not exactly nerdy, so I haven’t posted about it until now. Why now? SO glad you asked. There’s a new episode tonight, and I recommend giving it a chance. I didn’t know what to expect when I started watching, but I was hooked within the first episode. 

    Now, at 10 episodes in, I haven’t been this obsessed with a TV show since Buffy! And you know what I realized? There are definitely some similarities! I know I can’t be the first fan to make this connection. 

    Emily, the main character, is a Buffy-esque character in many ways. She lives in her location (the Hamptons) for a dark reason she can’t share with anyone. She’s there for a purpose. She can’t reveal her true identity. She’s also trained for combat and can kick some ass if she needs to. 

    If you’re not familiar with the show’s premise, as a child, Emily (whose real name is Amanda), saw her father arrested and jailed for crimes he didn’t commit. She never saw him again, and only discovered his innocence through a posthumous letter. So, in her adult life, she returns to her childhood home with plans to get REVENGE on all the ridiculously rich people who framed her father for their own crimes. 

    Oh, and sometimes this guy shows up:

    Nolan is a tech-genius billionaire who owns his own company - adorably named Nolcorp - and likes to pop up and distract viewers with his hotness, usually in the most awkward way possible. It’s like, what if Tony Stark was a lonely person with ridiculous fashion sense? (If I’m continuing with the Buffy analogy, he’s definitely a Spike character.) He’s friendly yet brutal, tragic yet beautiful, and rich yet sensitive. So, basically pure catnip for the fangirls. 

    Nolan is by far my favorite character, but unlike lots of Revenge fans out there (or out here, since most of them seem to be on Tumblr), I don’t “ship” Emily and Nolan. I like them with the friend/sibling dynamic. I would love to see Nolan hook up with someone sane (ahem), but I’m not rooting for it to be her. 

    Revenge is on ABC tonight - in two hours where I live! You can also watch old episodes here. And, if I haven’t made it clear, you should! 

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